What to do to find a job quickly

bursa cpns - Not every one of us can afford to look for a dream job month after month. There are situations in life when you need to find a job as soon as possible. Superjob.ru will tell you how to act to reduce the time of job search.

What to do to find a job quickly

Specify salary expectations

Be sure to indicate salary expectations: resumes with a salary “by agreement” are viewed by employers much less often than those whose owners nevertheless indicated the level of desired remuneration. And if your experience is still small, then be especially critical of the figure: salaries with a large number of zeros are paid to professionals who have passed a serious selection (several interviews, test tasks, etc.). This selection takes time, but you just don’t have it. So, if you don’t have experience, take a sensible assessment of your education and skills, compare all this with the average salary of a specialist at your level (our salary reviews will help you with this) and ... reduce the amount by 10-15%. But do not overdo it, you do not need to make the recruiter doubt your professionalism.

Reduce requests

Think about what requests you are ready to refuse in order to get a job as soon as possible. Yes, this is very bad advice, but it works. Do you really see your future nowhere but in international companies? Are you sure you can't imagine a future job without VHI or other "goodies" of the compensation package? Are you sure that you are not ready to spend an extra 15-20 minutes on the road to work? Decide what you can refuse, and what is important to you, and review your resume. The fewer restrictions, the more offers you will receive, and this is very important if the work is needed immediately.

Expand your search

Even if you have a narrow specialization, it is worth considering considering offers from related industries. Who knows what offers employers are ready to make to you? So give them a chance!

"Ready to start tomorrow...even today!"

Another component of the success of quick employment is your willingness to go to work immediately, right tomorrow. Report this at interviews - in some cases this can be your competitive advantage. It happens that a vacancy needs to be filled urgently, and the candidates are all as busy as one: one finishes things at the same place, the other has planned a vacation ... Meanwhile, some area of ​​​​work remains uncovered, the company loses possible profit and becomes more accommodating.

Assessing Your Resume Critically

If you want to find a job quickly, evaluate your resume again. Is it clear enough to the recruiter that you are professional and adequate? Is your experience and achievements clearly presented? Edit your resume for each job you apply for: try to draw attention to that part of your experience that may be of interest to this particular employer. 

Work on your job search! Every day!

This is the most important point. None of the above will help if you do not search carefully and systematically. View new job postings every morning; send resumes to suitable companies; clarify the fate of your resume in those companies that did not respond to your letters; in case of refusal after the interview, ask recruiters for advice on what you need to do in order to succeed in the next company. Don't sit back! Only persistent job seekers quickly find a job!