What about Business Pack Insurance?

After reading about ISR, you may not be convinced that it is suitable for your business. If so, business pack insurance may be a better fit. Also called bus packs, this policy carefully selects the most beneficial elements from different types of insurance. Therefore, you are fully protected from many dangers.

Industries, such as manufacturing, wholesale and importing, office, retail, and industrial, are among those that could benefit from the bus pack. You benefit the most, though, if you work with brokers who will help you differentiate and minimize your business's exposure to significant risk. From there, business pack insurance will be tailored to your specific needs.

What about Business Pack Insurance?

BusPacks generally offer general protection, which provides protection against various disasters and unfortunate events, such as:
  • Cover loss or damage to common property, tools, laptops and other portable items
  • Damage to property, including damage to buildings, materials and stock in premises after a sudden or unexpected event.
  • Theft that causes damage to warehouse goods or stock and materials.
  • Business disruptions that result in loss of income and post-disaster disruptions to business and property damage increase the cost of work.
  • Glass, for the breakage or damage of any eligible glassware on your premises, including exterior and interior glass.
  • The money that protects your business money available on campus, such as a safe room. This includes money transferred to your facilities, in your custody, or to someone else in the company whom you trust as an employee.
  • Electrical and machinery malfunctions, electronic devices (computers, faxes, and other similar items), as well as mechanical machinery such as boilers and cold rooms. It can also spread to damaged stocks, where the cause is covered (e.g., motor brakes).
  • Tax audit to cover professional fees when an audit or investigation is authorized by an authority such as the Australian Taxation Office.
  • Managing responsibility, providing coverage to people in the company's management responsibility
  • Public and product liability to meet legal liability if your business harms an employee, person or property
  • Goods and equipment that are bought, sold or used by the business during transit to cover damage or loss of goods in transit or marine
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Which is the best choice for your business?

This is often a difficult decision. Both ISR and Business Pack Insurance provide comprehensive coverage, but one of them may be more appropriate. If you have, we suggest choosing ISR:
  • A complex business setup
  • Assets worth at least 5 million.
  • Numerous business locations
  • Operation under different industries
Meanwhile, Business Pack Insurance will work better for you if you do not meet the above criteria. This insurance is mostly for businesses with an annual turnover of less than 5 million.

Talk to us today to make sure you have adequate protection for your business. We will help you decide if ISR or BusPack is more suitable for you and your business..