Insurance cover for your takeaway business

As a business owner, you have many worries to take care of every day. Insurance coverage for your techway business should not be one of them. At Grace Insurance, we specialize in providing professional support to our clients to determine what type of cover is required.

Whether you have a small fish and chips shop just for takeaway orders, or if you have a small dining area in your takeaway, as an owner, you still have almost unlimited responsibility on your shoulders. Keep whatever happens on your premises or your products.

There are many common misconceptions or myths surrounding the need for techway stores and insurance. Here are the top three myths that need to be solved:

Insurance cover for your takeaway business

My business is small, and customers take their food away. I don't need to carry much insurance cover.
Even if your customers spend a few minutes under your canopy, there are many things you can be responsible for, including:
  • Trips Slips and Falls - This involves simply changing a wrong extension cord or a corner of your reception mat, and before you know it, you need medical care, pain and discomfort, wasted wages, Responsible for physiotherapy. The list is almost endless.
  • Bad food - Of course, you are proud of the quality of your food, but unavoidable accidents happen, and customers can get sick. Even if you and your employees handle food properly, an error in the supply chain and your product can be contagious. If this happens, you are responsible for the medical care of your guardians, which can add a lot of money.
  • My shop is in a safe place, and I don't have to worry about closing my doors because of natural disasters.
Even if your location is historically safe, natural disasters are not the only cause of business disruption:
  • Explosive pipes
  • Massive equipment failure
  • A fire broke out in a nearby shop.
  • A strange accident where a driver hits his car against the window in front of you.
  • I employ good people who will never steal from me.
It is reasonable to expect that the people you hire will do the right thing and be honest in their dealings. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Even a good person can make terrible choices, which can cost you a lot of money.

In addition, theft can come from other unscrupulous sources, such as delivery people, caregivers, or consumers.