Job NSW Department of Planning and Environment - Sydney, New South Wales

bursa cpns - The NSW Department of Planning and Environment focuses on some of the state's biggest issues to create thriving environments, communities and economies for the people of New South Wales.
Job NSW Department of Planning and Environment - Sydney, New South Wales

The department includes the following specialized divisions:
- Houses
- planning
- Water
- Environment, Energy and Science
- Property development
- Local Government Office
— Crown Land

Together we ensure sustainable management of water resources and the environment, secure our energy supply, oversee our planning system, maximize community benefits from public lands and properties, and Create conditions for a prosperous state.

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Supervisor Programs

Do you want your work to make a difference in NSW?

Together, we build thriving environments, communities and economies.

  • Role of the Program Supervisor
  • Temporary full-time opportunity, Maroubra site + flex/hybrid work model
  • Salary ranges from $101,947 to $112,849+ super.

Our NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) team is currently seeking to appoint a Program Supervisor within the Assets Division. In this role, you will also lead and develop a group of four project officers. The role will be based in Maroubra to start with and will eventually transfer to our Strawberry Hills office.

about you

Are you someone who can work on urgent tasks? Do you have a trade training or a good knowledge of building supported by a third diploma? If you answered yes to these questions, this job might be for you!

As a Program Supervisor, you will coordinate the development of quarterly LAHC work programs for one or more defined contract areas. In our daily lives there are often problems that need to be dealt with efficiently and quickly and the ability to work within a budget is essential, backed up by project management/project planning skills. . Among other things, the role includes asset management, staff management and high volume/high value program delivery.

This is an excellent opportunity to join a dedicated team and develop your management skills in a role that offers opportunities for growth.

Necessary Necessary

  • Vocational qualifications and/or relevant tertiary qualifications.
  • Advanced proficiency in MS Word and Excel with proficiency in MS Project.
  • Current driver's license.

For more information, read the full role description: Supervisor Program