How to get a great job? Recommendations for HR managers

bursa cpns - Almost all of us are familiar with the “charms” of the job search process: daily studying of Internet sites, nervous tension, a series of interviews and the agonizing expectation of their results, or, conversely, complete calm with a seeming abundance of vacancies. It happens that the path to the goal is delayed so much that getting a job seems to be something out of reach.
How to get a great job? Recommendations for HR managers

Advice from 500 Russian recruiters surveyed by the Research Center of the recruiting portal will help you to take up the search with renewed vigor - who better than they know all the intricacies of the employment process!

I see a landmark

Do you clearly understand who and where you want to work? What should be your professional duties, and what salary do you apply for? To work "by anyone and anywhere, if only for big money" - you see, this is a utopia. The opinion of a third of HR managers (32%) is categorical: first of all, the applicant must prioritize. “Do not spray on obviously unsuitable vacancies…”; "Determine the field of activity"; “Do not send a resume to all vacancies in a row and do not turn a job search into a process for the sake of a process, value your time,” they admonish.

I am writing to you - what more?

When was the last time you reread your resume? Remember, the content of this document will evaluate you by potential employers, which means that it must be 100% consistent with what you are as a specialist. According to 28% of HR managers, the most important thing is “literacy, a clear description of duties, the adequacy of the list of achievements in previous jobs and the relevance of these personal qualities and skills.” “Send resumes “tailored” for a specific vacancy, having carefully studied the information about the vacancy and the company in which it is open, and after sending, be sure to check with the recruiter by phone whether the letter has been delivered,” the personnel officers specify.

Who is last?

Do you want to be the last in the queue of thousands of candidates, or do you expect to bypass everyone and become the first? The answer is obvious, and hence the advice given by 23% of recruitment managers: “Be more active, more active, more active!”; “Don't stop searching, assuring yourself that it's not the season, the holidays, and so on. You are looking for only one vacancy that suits you, and you can always find it: both before and after the New Year holidays, during the May holidays and in the summer.

Be careful!

Respecting time - both your own and the recruiter's - is an important success factor when looking for a job. Read the requirements for vacancies more carefully - this will help you not to waste precious minutes and hours, - 17% of HR managers are convinced. “Before sending your resume, carefully read the company's requirements for a potential employee again!”; “Read the information about the vacancy carefully and send your resume only if your details match at least 70% of the requirements specified in it,” they recommend.

Believe in yourself

Today you are unlucky, but perhaps tomorrow you will find the job of your dreams. Do not despair, believe in yourself and keep a positive attitude, 11% of HR specialists convince applicants. Experienced personnel officers advise: “Do not give up, keep looking for suitable vacancies and send resumes”; “Your work is waiting for you. You just haven't met yet…”; "Believe in yourself - there are a lot of opportunities!"

Come visit

Have you ever gone on a visit without knowing either the address or the name of the person you are visiting? Quite a strange situation, isn't it? The same with the interview - before leaving the house, collect information about the company, think about what you will talk about with the personnel officer and what you can interest him in. “Try to find out as much information about the employer as possible before the interview”; “Prepare for the interview. Present yourself correctly"; “Keep your word: you promised to call back - call back, you promised to come - come”; “Come to the interview in clothes appropriate for the job and the company. An artist can come in jeans, but a sales manager never, ”- such advice is given to candidates by 10% of personnel managers.

Not the internet alone...

According to 10% of recruiters, the key to success is the use of the whole variety of job search channels (periodicals, personal contacts, vacancies on company websites, calls to the recruitment department of companies you are interested in, social networks): “First of all, contact friends, acquaintances and let them know that you are looking for a job, check if there are vacancies in their companies”; “Post your resume on the most famous and advanced job sites. Update it periodically…”; "Use more than just the internet."

Deception won't work

You cannot fool an experienced specialist: he, like a clairvoyant, notices and captures everything - both the work experience and the personal qualities of the applicant. Therefore, 9% of HR managers advise applicants who dream of finding an excellent job to be extremely honest: “Fill out all the fields of the questionnaire as accurately and truthfully as possible ...”; “Be honest with yourself and your potential employer. Don't overuse manuals on how to succeed in an interview - sometimes overacting on this part backfires. Remember, any deception will come up, and how will you look your colleagues in the eye then?

Call me

According to 9% of recruiters, they are pleased when, after sending a resume, the applicant also calls. You know, they are sociable people... "Don't be too lazy to dial the recruiter's number and unobtrusively ask if your resume has reached the addressee and when it will be considered"; “After submitting your resume, call the company and tell them about your interest in the job!” they advise.

Do you want to be successful? Be it!

Tune in to a favorable outcome and demonstrate confidence in your abilities and experience. "Never give up! Create an image of a successful person, even if you have already been refused several times by other companies before this interview. Remember, no company wants to hire a dull loser!” - 9% of personnel officers admonish candidates.

And in the end I will tell…

In addition, 8% of recruiters strongly advise candidates to remain calm and restraint, no matter how difficult the job search process, and be persistent when communicating with a potential employer: “If you are something like a specialist, then you should not worry ...” ; “Perseverance is important, do not wait for everything to come by itself.”

7% of recruiters each strongly recommend that job seekers dress appropriately for an interview and actively demonstrate to the employer that they are interested in the job.

Another 6% of personnel officers remind that it is important to be sociable and open during an interview, 5% recommend being punctual.

To be polite, to observe business etiquette, and also to check the reliability of the employer is advised by 3% of HR managers.

Follow these seemingly simple, but important rules, and you will certainly succeed!