The main schemes of deception in the labor market

bursa cpns - “Never, under any circumstances, pay for employment!” - experts who are well acquainted with the pitfalls of the labor market do not get tired of repeating, however, many job seekers still fall for the bait of scammers and suffer significant financial losses.

What are the most common job search scams? Superjob specialists decided to analyze the most common fraud schemes in the labor market today.

Scheme 1

Charging for vacancies
Recently, a lot of dubious commercial employment services have appeared that, in return for a fee, promise to help the candidate find employment. In fact, the applicant is simply printed out vacancies from open sources or even sent for interviews at non-existent addresses.

When contacting employment consultants, carefully study the list of services they offer and do not pay for information that is freely available - on the Internet or in print media. However , do not confuse such commercial services with consulting companies specializing in interview training, career guidance, etc.

Scheme 2

Guaranteed employment
% fraud!

There can be no guarantees in the process of employment, unless the company promising such employment belongs to your close relative.

The services of a recruiting agency are always paid by the employer, and recruiters cannot influence the choice of the customer. This is accepted all over the world, a similar practice exists in our country, so decent recruitment agencies do not take money from applicants. Your employment is only your merit, so you do not owe anything to a recruitment agency.

Scheme 3

Sale of positions
Trading positions is a criminal offence. In this case, by agreement between the employer and an intermediary (for example, an agency employee), a candidate who has previously paid a bribe is accepted into the company. As a rule, such situations arise in large organizations whose shareholders do not control business processes. Perhaps in this way you will really get into the company, but you are unlikely to work in it for a long time, since you will have to make room for the next solvent applicant.

Scheme 4

"And you go and learn"
Bypass ads about the ideal job, which they take everyone without exception and for which they promise a high salary. Such vacancies are published by scammers who extort money from applicants. Free cheese only happens in a mousetrap!

In reality, the authors of such ads will not offer you any work, but they will certainly persuade you to purchase any educational materials, an insurance certificate, or transfer money to a specific pension fund.

Scheme 5

Paid calls and sms
You can also come across very attractive vacancies without specifying the employer's contact information. To contact the HR, you will be offered not to send a resume, but to make a call or send an SMS message, after which a certain amount will be debited from your mobile phone account.

This scheme has variations. For example, you may be invited to fill out a questionnaire in the personnel department and only then they will be offered to send a paid SMS message - supposedly so that you can find out about the fate of your application.

Another option: you receive a letter from a supposedly large and reputable organization in which you are informed that your candidacy has passed the competitive selection for enrollment in the state. True, to comply with all the formalities you need to register on the site. For registration, it is proposed to send sms - of course, the message is paid.

Scheme 6

Instead of salary - credit obligations
If you suddenly received an optimistic letter of admission to a job in a well-known company, think about it - are you not scammers in front of you? Sometimes the authors of such a message offer to send them a copy of the passport (supposedly for employment), and then in response they send some papers for signature. An attentive applicant will notice that instead of an employment contract, he is offered to sign nothing more than ... documents for a bank loan.

Scheme 7

Attention, remote work!
Those who intend to work remotely need to be especially vigilant. The scammers have also mastered the following money-swindling scheme: Job seekers are offered to leave a large amount as a guarantee that they really will not let you down and will do the assigned work. “But how else - we don’t know you yet, suddenly you will let us down,” the swindlers convince. Or they are asked to transfer a certain amount “to open an electronic wallet”, to which they will allegedly subsequently transfer salaries.
The main schemes of deception in the labor market

However, remote workers can be deceived in a simpler, “traditional” way - simply by not paying for their work. They entrust a considerable amount of work (for example, to translate a book), then they demand to send them the results - and that's all, look for wind in the field. Phones of the “employer” do not answer, emails seem to fly away to nowhere.

However, this does not mean that working remotely is always a risk. Remote work is used by many decent employers.

You cannot pay for employment under any circumstances! In a civilized labor market, there is no such service as "employment service"!

However, during the job search process, you can pay for:

1. Compiling a competent resume

Professionals in their field (for example, engineers) may (and have every right) not to be able to write a resume. In this case, companies come to the rescue, helping to cope with this difficult task.

Resume writers are well aware of what HR managers pay attention to in the first place, and they know how to correctly emphasize the best qualities and skills of a candidate. Therefore, ceteris paribus, a resume compiled by an agency will definitely attract attention.

One should not think that the inability to write a resume reduces the value of a specialist in the labor market - not always and not every person needs such a skill. That is why, if necessary, it makes sense to resort to the help of a consulting company or a recruitment agency that provides this service. But you can go the other way - look at a resume sample on Superjob and save on consultants' services. You can also create a resume for Superjob by following the instructions for filling in all the required fields. We assure you that if everything is done in accordance with the recommendations on the site, the result will be worthy.

2. Translation of a resume into a foreign language

The fee for translating a resume into a foreign language, if you are applying for a job in a foreign company and such a requirement is stated in the vacancy (with the exception, of course, of applicants for the positions of translators), is also quite a reasonable investment of money.

3. Training

Many have heard about companies that train people with subsequent employment. Such organizations guarantee subsequent employment, provided that the person has successfully completed the training. But in this case, they do not pay for employment - they pay for education! The company that trains you is well aware that in the conditions of a shortage of certain specialists in the labor market, it will earn on the employer by offering him the right employee.

4. Career counseling

If you have passed 10 interviews, but for some unknown reason you are not hired, then communication with a psychologist or career consultant will not hurt. This service is usually paid.

Individual career management is a fairly new direction for the Russian personnel sphere. Such a range of services includes monitoring the labor market for the vacancies you need, determining your career path, writing a resume, training in self-presentation skills and much more.

These services are not particularly in demand due to the fact that not everyone needs them, and they are very expensive. As a rule, those who can pay for them no longer need them, and those who need individual career management cannot afford it: only a person who has already passed it knows the way up, and the services of such a specialist cannot be cheap.

We hope that our examples will help you avoid traps and save you from running into scammers. Successful employment to you!