How to avoid becoming a victim of scammers when looking for a job

How to avoid becoming a victim of scammers when looking for a job

1. Don't pay for anything

You don't have to pay for employment. You get a job to earn money, not to spend. Do not pay for “preliminary training”, or for “documentation” (for example, medical books or visas), or for sending SMS (for example, under the pretext of finding out the results of an online interview), or for some “arrangements with management so that they take exactly you”, nor for “registration of a future pension” - in 99% of cases this is a scam. After receiving the money, firms tend to disappear.

2. Don't Buy Anything Before Hiring

"Unique textbooks", overalls for work, parts for assembling pens, paper for cutting out tea bags, mushroom seeds for growing - all this actually costs a penny, and you are probably asked for a tangible amount. As a result, you will be left without money, but with a box of pens. You will also lose time. Leaving money on collateral is also not worth it.

3. Do not believe jobs that offer a lot of money for nothing

“200,000 rubles a month. Office work. Experience is not required ”- if the salary in the vacancy is serious, and the functionality is not described or described vaguely, you probably have a scam. Is it worth spending time to personally find out what kind of fraud scheme is used in a particular case?

However, if the vacancy has an adequate description, but the name of the company is not indicated, feel free to respond! This is the so-called "anonymous" vacancy - some employers use this method in order not to disclose their plans to competitors. And, of course, they will tell you the name of the company when they invite you for an interview.

4. Evaluate the company's website

Before submitting a resume for a job, take a look at the company's website. If there is no “Contacts” section (or only a dubious email on a free mail service is indicated), if it is offered to pay for something, if numerous laudatory reviews are posted, while the links on the site do not open, and it consists of 3 pages, be be careful: it is possible that you are facing scammers.

5. Pay attention to the office

The office of a decent company should look habitable. Folders with papers, indoor plants, personal belongings of employees, a kettle - in a company that does not move from place to place every week, you probably have it all. But if you find yourself in a room where there is not even a company logo anywhere, but there are only tables, chairs and computers, be careful, this is a sign of a one-day company.

6. Be careful when browsing the Internet

“Work from home 3 hours a day and earn up to 100,000 rubles” - unfortunately, in most cases, you are facing a scam. Cheating options: a paid transition through some links, playing in an online casino according to the "author's win-win method" (you allegedly get a percentage of any winnings without investing your money). You may be offered and participate in online surveys (you answer questions about your consumer preferences, and you get paid for it). This option of earning is really possible (although a lot of money, alas, cannot be earned this way). However, you need to be careful: there are a lot of scammers on the Internet who, instead of paying, will offer you, for example, to pay 500 rubles for a certain “personal identifier” yourself. Be careful and cooperate only with well-known research companies! And see point 1:

7. Probationary period without a contract

As you know, the law provides for a probationary period for employees, but it is always paid (and begins after you sign an employment contract!). Options like: “Work for a week, and we’ll see if you can knead concrete” are illegal. The exception is the test task. It is more often offered to applicants for office specialties and, as a rule, is not paid, since this is part of the competitive selection for vacancies.

When you start looking for a job, remember: on, each vacancy is checked, so the risk of meeting scammers here is reduced to zero. If you still have any doubts, be sure to write to us in the feedback. We will definitely check everything!