“Girls ask for a face like Bella Hadid”: Anastasia Reshetova announced the end of the fashion for fillers

Anastasia Reshetova told what experiments with fillers lead to. The model said that Bella Hadid's face has become popular in the beauty industry.

Anastasia Reshetova

"First Vice Miss Russia 2014" loves her natural beauty. Anastasia does not hide the fact that she experimented with appearance. She returned the natural shape of her lips, getting rid of the fillers. In addition, Reshetova was thinking about how to reduce the size of her breasts. At the same time, the model follows the trends in the beauty industry and keeps an eye on them. 

The ex-lover of rapper Timati (Timur Yunusov) was interested in an article in The Cut magazine. The material states that if earlier girls wanted to be like Kylie Jenner, today they are guided by the face of Bella Hadid. Anastasia explained that the consequences of using beauty injections disappoint women. 

“Fillers are out of fashion. Hyaluronic acid attracts excess moisture and tends to migrate over the face. Therefore, after a short time, the effect is directly opposite to the desired one. And if everything is not so deplorable with the lips, fillers are in a hurry to remove them from other parts of the face. Even if you remove the drug, the skin will become looser and stretched. And it often happens that the situation cannot be corrected by the notorious “longidaza,” Reshetova said. 

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She pointed out that naturalness is becoming more and more popular. If girls come to a beautician to change their appearance, they offer as a guide the face of the most beautiful woman in the world - Bella Hadid.