Five questions to ask in an interview

bursa cpns - The interview is in full swing, and you have already managed to talk about your education, achievements and explain why you would like to work in this particular company. What to add to consolidate success and make the right career decision? It is very important to ask the right questions about future work. Moreover, their sequence (which question to ask first, and which one is better not to rush) also matters.
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Five questions to ask in an interview

Question one: about the content of the work

Of course, during the interview, you probably already discussed what your duties will be. In addition, this is usually described in the job advertisement. Therefore, in your question, you need to clarify what remained unclear in the functionality.

For example, you apply for a position as a PR manager in an existing public relations department. Specify what exactly your role will be in establishing PR communications. What is more important for a specialist accepted into the team - to be a competent and creative writer of texts or a talented organizer?

Another example is an interview for the position of a sales assistant in a perfume store. You have already discussed that the duties will include advising customers, working with the cash register and displaying goods. Specify exactly how it is customary to advise customers on the trading floor - to wait for their questions or to present information about the assortment of the store yourself?

Questions about the functionality must be asked, even if everything seems clear and understandable to you: this will emphasize your high motivation and show the recruiter that he is a responsible and professional person.

Question two: about tasks

Be sure to ask about the strategic objectives of your future work. What does the future employer expect from you, say, in an annual perspective? What are the criteria for assessing the effectiveness of your work?

For example, an applicant for a sales manager job may ask what the sales plan for next year is. Human Resources Inspector Candidate - Ask about anticipated headcount growth and therefore workload.

By doing so, you will show that you can think strategically and plan your activities. In addition, a clear understanding of their tasks in the company is a real career engine. You will always be able to independently evaluate your work, applying the performance criteria agreed upon at the interview.

Question three: how to quickly join the team

Be sure to ask what your first working days will be like. Is there an introductory briefing or training? Will you have a mentor to turn to for any question? What are the criteria by which the success of the probationary period will be assessed?

This question is especially important if the work will be something new for you. For example, if you used to work in a small company, and now you have come to an international corporation. Or if you were engaged in PR in the field of retail, and now in the restaurant business.

Question four: why did this vacancy appear?

The answer to this question may give you food for thought. If the vacancy is new, then you will have to draw up a work schedule yourself and discuss in detail the responsibilities, as well as strategic goals with the head and HR manager. You will also have to think about the means to achieve these goals - after all, the vacancy is new, and this work has not been done before you.

If the position has been in the company for a long time, pay attention to the reasons for the dismissal of the previous employee. Of course, they can be very different - a specialist found a more interesting job, failed to cope with his duties, went on parental leave, or even was fired for unethical behavior ...

It is not a fact that the recruiting manager will give you reliable information on such a sensitive issue, but it is still worth asking and thinking. If five people have left the position you are interested in in a year, it is worth looking for additional information about the company and the atmosphere in the team.

Question five: salary, vacation, lunch ...

There is no need to hurry with these questions - ask them at the very end of your meeting, having discussed all the responsibilities, tasks and work plan. has already talked about how to talk with a potential employer about money. The main thing is to adequately assess your own value in the labor market and not overestimate the importance of a lunch break in your career.

We wish you not only to ask the right questions at the interview, but also to hear the answers that suit you.