How to get your resume viewed 46% more often

bursa cpns - Is your resume rarely seen by recruiters? “Views: 2”, although you are not the first day in an active job search? Let's see what you're doing wrong.
How to get your resume viewed 46% more often

According to the Superjob study, there are certain patterns in which particular resumes are viewed more often. To prevent recruiters from ignoring your resume, you need to follow just a few rules.

Rule 1: act!

Recruiters are more likely to open those resumes that came to them in the form of a response to a vacancy, and not received by subscription. Send your resume to the company yourself - the probability that it will be viewed will increase by almost one and a half times - by 46%! This is the most powerful and effective tool - it will significantly increase the number of views.

There is an explanation for this: employers are more interested in those candidates who would like to work in their companies. After all, a highly motivated employee works more efficiently.

Rule 2: Enter your desired salary

According to our data, this step will allow you to get another 5% more views. Instead of the vague definition of “by agreement”, write the specific amount you would like to earn. Employers love specifics: the amount you named will allow them to assess, without further ado, what your claims are and how they correspond to the capabilities of the company.

What amount to write? The answer to this question depends on the position, on your qualifications and education, on the region in which you are looking for work. It is important that your salary expectations are adequate to the situation - not too high for your position (a recruiter may consider you overconfident), but not lower than the market average (a good specialist does not work for nothing).

Rule 3: fill in all fields of the resume

When creating a resume on, try to fill in all the fields of the standard form - this way you will increase the number of views by another 4%. From a fully completed document, a recruiter can get more information, which means that such a resume is potentially more interesting.

Rule 4: Claim mobility

Employers are more interested in resumes of applicants who have left a mark of readiness for business trips and relocation. They noted that they are not against business trips - the number of views will increase by 1.5%. They pointed out that in search of work you can even change your place of residence - by another 1.5%.

Rule 5: More Contacts

When you are looking for a job, then be prepared to respond promptly to calls, letters, and messages on social networks. Indicate in your resume all possible ways to contact you, and not just a phone number - get another 1% more views. Not much, but who knows, maybe it will decide your fate?

You should not limit recruiters by the time of communication: a clarification like “Call on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 to 12” definitely does not contribute to quick employment.

So: plus 46% to views for independent responses to vacancies and another plus 13% if you indicate the desired salary, fill in all the fields of the standard form, leave notes about readiness for business trips and relocation (if you are ready, of course) and provide recruiters with as much as possible more contacts. Easy, right?

What else can you do to get your resume viewed more often? Believe in yourself and your strengths: send out resumes with confidence in a good result, do not hesitate to call recruiters and ask about the vacancy. Rest assured, this will also bring you closer to your goal!

Successful employment!