Cyber insurance policy exclusions is challenging

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For insurance purposes, cyber terrorism includes activities that are directly or indirectly used against computer systems.
  • By an individual or group of individuals with this intent,
  • to harm
  • Scare people
  • More political, religious, ideological, or social reasons
  • A clear threat from an individual or group of individuals to engage in activities intended to cause harm or disruption.
  • By definition, cyber-terrorism operations are not linked to any activities that support military operations, war operations, or military operations.
  • The interpretation of the expulsion includes looking at the details of the damage on the basis of which the average person would interpret the war. For example, war is usually defined as a unifying force, heavy weapons, war planning or other attack strategy, and a joint effort to organize activities against another group or nation.

The fact that this type of insurance issue has not gone to court raises concerns that attempts to sue insurance companies may fail. The facts about cyber-attacks and how the courts interpret them will help determine whether deportation proceedings are valid and can lead to a case-by-case decision. ۔

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At the end of 2021, a lawsuit was filed in a United States court with elements similar to the current situation. The lawsuit was filed by the pharmaceutical company Merck in response to its property insurer, which called for eviction proceedings on the claim, which began in 2017. Cyber ​​attack.

The attack was part of Russia's hostility against Ukraine and significantly affected Merk. The company had a net loss of about 4 1.4 billion.

Merck won its lawsuit against its insurer because the insurance company did not list the cyber-attacks as part of the exclusion list. The court noted that Merck had a right to expect payment because the policy described expulsions based on traditional forms of warfare.

The lawsuit was based on the premise that cyber-attacks against third parties not involved in a military conflict should not trigger a war of attrition because the victim did nothing to harm himself.

It is important to note that decisions by U.S. courts may have little effect on Australian court cases.

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During the current military conflict, fear is easily created. However, it's best to stay calm and focus on what can help keep your tech safe. Make sure your firewall and security systems are running at their best. Train your employees about the additional security measures you can take and avoid any unnecessary online threats.

If you have questions or concerns about cyber insurance policy or other matters, please do not hesitate to contact Grace Insurance. Our team of professionals is here to answer your questions and make sure all aspects of your business are well protected.