What is Plant and Equipment Insurance?

It's easy to believe that your company's business insurance policy is sufficient to cover all aspects of your company. Since you are busy running your business, you may not spend much time thinking about the details of your cover. Generally, your business insurance comes to mind when an unfortunate event occurs, and you need to make a claim.

Take a moment to consider your devices, both fixed and mobile. Will you be able to continue your business if your equipment is damaged or stolen? Can you afford to replace the bobcat or forklift? These questions are almost always answered 'no' by consumers in all levels of work.

At Grace Insurance, we specialize in helping you protect yourself. That is why we are happy to offer plant and equipment insurance cover for our customers.

What is Plant and Equipment Insurance?

What is plant and equipment insurance?

Plant and equipment insurance provides cover for your construction and other heavy equipment. This includes gear that you use indoors, as well as items that you can lease to other companies.

Can you provide cover for my plant and equipment that is mobile?

We know that a significant portion of the work takes place in different locations outside of your business home base. With that in mind, we can provide cover for your mobile plant and devices.

Does my business insurance or motor vehicle insurance cover these devices?

All of our business insurance and motor vehicle insurance policies are for individual clients. Since we do not promote cookie cutter insurance, the best way to find out if your plant and equipment has enough coverage is to request that any of our team consider the details of your policies. ਕਰੇ۔ Ensuring your coverage is worth your time.

Many years ago, Sam's Landscaping Company invested in earth-moving devices. Recently, thieves took a bulldozer from a workplace. Although OK, the dozer suffered irreparable damage.

When Sam filed the claim, he found that his insurance policy was inadequate because it did not cover the cost of replacing his equipment. The incident cost Sam more than he expected because he was unaware of the details on his cover. Such incidents are quite common and can be completely prevented.
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Can trades benefit from plant and equipment coverage?

Depending on the details of your business, a plant and equipment insurance policy can mean the difference between maintaining your company and going out of business. Be sure to discuss how plant and equipment policy can affect your business..