Male athletes insure twice as often as women

bursa cpns - Men who go in for sports buy insurance twice as often as women, SberStrakhovanie found out after analyzing registrations under the Sports Protection program for 2022. Among children and adolescents under 17, the statistics are similar: parents protect boys 1.9 times more often than girls.

In total, athletes issued 213,000 insurance policies over the past year. The bulk of them (45%) were purchased by Russians who go in for individual sports (running, snowboarding, swimming, tennis, etc.). More than a third (38%) of sports insurance was bought by wrestlers, 15% by team sports players, and another 2% by dancers.

More often than others, runners (7%), swimmers and karatekas (6% each) make out protection. Also in the top ten in terms of decorations are athletes involved in judo, sambo and football (5% each), track and field athletics, rhythmic gymnastics and volleyball (3% each).

It is noteworthy that the top 40 also included athletes who are fond of triathlon, velomotocross, sports tourism, equestrian sports, chess, orienteering and trail running (running on natural terrain).

Every fourth (27%) gets sports protection for a year. 14% buy a policy for a month, 20% - for two or three days, 16% - just for one day. 69% of policies are issued for children and adolescents under 17 years old, 31% for adults.

Alexander Abramov, Executive Director of SberStrakhovanie:

“Athletes began to connect insurance coverage more often: sales increased by 2.7 times in just a year. Moreover, more than a third of the policies were purchased in the fourth quarter, after we upgraded the program. Indeed, in September, SberInsurance increased the number of sports covered by Sports Protection from 120 to 254. It is noteworthy that most (95%) were purchased by those who prefer to go in for summer sports, while winter sports accounted for only 5%. ".

The "Sports protection" program allows you to insure against injuries when playing sports, both at the amateur and professional levels. In one contract, you can specify up to five sports and insure for a period from a day to a year. You can issue a policy for one person or for the entire sports team of up to 30 people. Both adults and children are covered by insurance. The insurance contract is valid anywhere in the world.