What to say to management to get a pay rise

bursa cpns - Every third working person, dissatisfied with his salary, does not dare to ask for a raise. If you have been working in the same place for more than 2 years and you have never had a pay raise, you should at least check how much people who have the same qualifications as you are paid. How to do it? Subscribe to Bursacpns vacancies tailored to your qualifications and requirements (this way you will receive daily fresh offers from employers and quickly understand how much you are worth).

What to say to management to get a pay rise

However, working well and being able to “sell” your work profitably, including to an existing employer, are two different things. If you are sure that you are doing well and getting little, you need to work on the arguments. Where to get them? Leave a request for the analysis of your resume with the mark "For promotion within the company" - and you will receive a list of arguments and advice on further career planning from our experts. And yes, we do it absolutely free.

What to say

If you have received a consultation, all the arguments are in your hands. If not, then consider that the following can be considered strong arguments:

1. The load has increased significantly.
2. Significantly increased qualifications.
3. You brought clear, tangible value to the company. This benefit can be proved and expressed in numbers (preferably in rubles). If you directly affect the profit of your company, then it will not be difficult for you to bring such numbers. If there are no direct numbers, look for indirect ones. Think!

What can't be said

“I have a mortgage”, “My colleague is paid more”, “I have been studying for so many years”, “I have problems”, “I will quit you” - there should not be such arguments. Why? You probably already guess: there are no irreplaceable ones, everyone has problems, there is never a lot of money, and in general, the goal of any commercial enterprise is profit. It's better to talk about her. Are you afraid to talk at all? Write a letter.

What to do if not promoted

Refused? Draw conclusions and hang your resume in the public domain. Or keep it closed, but send out to suitable vacancies (you already signed up for them when you studied your cost).

What to do if you get promoted

Do not unsubscribe from vacancies - continue to monitor the labor market. Not only will this keep you up to date on your value, but it will also prevent you from missing out on new employer demands. If you go to school in time and acquire “fashionable” skills, the next time it will be much easier to talk with the employer about the increase!