IC "Absolut Insurance" named the countries in which tourists most often sought medical help during the New Year holidays

bursa cpns - According to Absolut Insurance, during the New Year holidays from December 31, 2022 to January 8, 2023, tourists insured by the company under the Travel Abroad Program (VZR) sought medical help most often in Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, UAE and Sri Lanka.

There were also repeated requests for insurance policies in the European countries of the Schengen agreement, the USA, Georgia, Israel and isolated cases in Argentina, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Armenia and Kazakhstan. 

The highest percentage of those who applied for medical services under TCD policies was recorded in Thailand - 32.4%. Then come Indonesia (19.6%), Turkey (9.8%), UAE (8.6%). In the countries of the Schengen zone - 5.6%. In the US, this figure was 2.3%.

“The largest number of insured events among vacationers was associated with diseases, among which ARVI turned out to be the most common. Tourists also turned to doctors with pain in the abdomen and ears. The remaining cases were for treatment of injuries and toothache. Two tourists lost their luggage,” said Natalia Tylina, head of the NS and VZR claims settlement department at Absolut Insurance.

One of the most expensive insured events settled by Absolute Insurance during the specified period was the provision of medical assistance to a client in the UAE due to gastroenteritis and dehydration. The patient had to be hospitalized. The cost of treatment was 179.1 thousand rubles. The smallest payment was 1,000 rubles on an invoice for dental care provided to a client in Thailand.